Our Mission

PCTS is an after hours nursing advice service that allows physicians to make the most of their time away from the office. PCTS provide triage service for OB/GYN, Pediatric, Family Practice, Internal Medicine and Geriatric/SNF patients. We take thousands of calls per year. It is our intent that the patients and families that we serve are cared for with professionalism, current knowledge, and sound critical thinking. Whether it is determining the best home care strategies or evaluating when to send a patient to an urgent care or the emergency department, the highest level of service will be provided. PCTS strives to be an extension of the medical practice in which we serve with our nursing advice. We want your patients to feel like we are an extension of you.nursing advice

Along with physician approved standing orders, physician approved protocols, and thorough communication, we will provide a service that allows physicians more time off on evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays with the least amount of stress. With typical physician office hours Monday thru Friday being 8-5 and the weekend office hours 9-1, this leaves 115 hours a week/ 460 hours a month and 192 holiday hours per year for a RN to take calls so the physicians have more time off. This allows physicians to sleep, relax, and replenish themselves. In our experience approximately 98% of the after hour patient calls can be handled by nursing advice. This service alleviates the need for the physician to be called in most circumstances. An on call physician will be available to answers a nurse’s questions and approve medications that are not on the standing orders. Progress notes will be faxed to offices by the next business day to help staff with scheduling and keep physicians informed.


Our staff takes thousands of calls a year. We value educating patients about their own health and promote overall wellness. It is our goal that every single patient feels calm and taken care of after our nursing advice. All of our nurses are current licensed registered nurses.


Pricing is based on call volumes and the number of hours in which you need service. Quotes are individual. We will also do a 2 week introductory period that is free. Call us at 760-803-5700 for a free consultation.